"Dialtone" is the shortest song I've ever written. It features my favorite [possibly imaginary] adverb 'bioluminescently' and it references LA Lights sneakers. Partly about nothing and partly about all the usual things--dancing, falling in love, raging against brainwash--the song had already been out for a few months by the time I released "Diamonite". But! Late one evening last winter, while I was at the piano, "Dialtone" morphed into this melancholy Appalachian thing. Several weeks later Aoife O'Donovan, Kristin Andreassen and I played the new version at Pianos with only our voices and a simple piano accompaniment. We were so happy with the way it turned out, we decided to make a recording. My good friend Colin shot some footage of us in the studio, I asked three favorite producer/performers for remixes, and suddenly it's a SINGLE that needs to be OUT.

Bookended by the remastered original and the spare acoustic take, the remixes from Test House, CHLLNGR and So Ghost form a nice gradient of deconstruction. I know it's not the natural order of things to end your album cycle with a single, but that's what is happening here!